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Maquet, a Luminous Ring


MAQUET, the worldwide leader of operating room lighting has perfected « Powerled », a new, *scialytic light endowed with electro-luminescent diodes (LED).

With its luminous performance, Powerled offers an image of excellence.

Entrusted to MBD Design, the apparatus’ unique esthetic translates into an extremely innovative look : thin, light and aerodynamic. The Powerled concept is based on a ring-like structure emphasizing the circulation of pure air, a key element for protecting staff and patients against contamination.
LED technology allowed designers to imagine an openworked lighting cupola which barely resists laminar flows.
The form and attention to detail facilitate maintenance and reduce cleaning time.

Though it is the product of the high-technology world, Powerled offers a simple, soft image.

* Scialytic : Lighting fixture used in operating rooms that suppresses shadows.

MBD Design awarded !

Being a leading public transport design agency since 1972, MBD Design now realizes over 50% of its turnover with overseas clients.

In Europe, the Agency remains very active in rolling stock designs but MBD also contracted some design studies for industrial products. Among the main contracts, we can list some creative work on baby equipment, roof windows, gas pumps and informative glasses. The Agency’s experience combined with its ergonomics knowledge allowed to reach its clients’ expectations. The end results were modern, innovative and ready to market.

Outside Europe and within the railway environment, MBD Design reinforced its presence, especially in Asia. After the KTX II success, designed with Rotem in Korea, new contracts were signed with Chinese rolling stock manufacturers. The market dynamism together with the wide range of rolling stock projects incite the agency to consider the set up of a local coordination office in Beijing during 2008.

The other development direction was orientated towards the dynamic Gulf region. MBD was present with a stand during the Gulf Traffic Expo in Dubai and some personalized visits to local operators were organized.


Alstom - Reims Tramway

The population of Reims and its metropolitan area has chosen their future tramway from three propositions by MBD Design.

MBD Design, commissioned by Alstom, created three projects translating the transport network’s identity, as imagined by Ruedi Baur, for both the tramway’s exterior and interior.

In their giant, voluminous, color-block concept, MBD Design sought to develop shapes which will extend the already-expressive surfaces.

Thus, the surfaces envelop doors and windows, maintaining the strong, vivid colors throughout each tram.

The proposition selected offers the tramway a bright and lightweight movement.
Color, associated with the form’s softness and vibrancy, is transformed as a long sheath giving the cars volume and height.
By « erasing » the driver’s windshield, the proposition confirms its unique character.

A unique identity is also found inside the cars.
The furniture is worked in neutrals to better validate the exterior colors.
Bathed in these colors via the natural lighting filtered through the tinted bay windows, the interiors thus emphasize and transmit a lighting effect which is then diffused in colored zones.

Beyond simply its external colors, the tramway, thanks to its unexpected shape, offers a highly personal expression that Reims residents have chosen as their own.
With its concave windshield, and cheerful, easy lines, the future tramway is destined to be a symbol to bring meaning, create links and enrich the city.

Lamberet, SR2

Lamberet - Futura SR2

What a truck !

Defying the competition, Lamberet proposes SR2, the ideal refrigerated tractor-trailer truck.

With the SR2 Futura, Lamberet, a French truck builder specializing in refrigerated vehicles, confirms its status as a European leader and proves its role of leader in the field by offering specialized answers to the needs and evolution of an increasingly competitive market.

The association of the company’s R & D department and MBD Design’s creative department has given birth to a product with an exceptional image, use and function.

The innovative ideas which constitute this new concept clearly improve the product’s efficiency.
Elegance here is not synonymous with fragility.

Thanks to the use of composite materials, the tractor-trailer truck is sturdier but also lighter, and thus more economical.

The protection of the truck’s rear end for backing into the loading dock was a subject of particular attention.

Double « knot » hinges allow for the doors’ total retraction in their open position while the bumper placement guarantees protection against shocks, scrapes and rubbing.

Because of its precisely integrated approach, the structure gives the elements, taken from standard fixture ranges (headlights, locks, bumpers …) a true quality of presence.

If, in this type of intervention, the design impact is taken into account, it can be viewed as a determining factor.

Within a tight range for manoeuvring, the design reflection lent itself to the creation of a tractor-trailer truck whose unexpected, yet evident simplicity and cleanness offers an esthetic of simplicity, high performance and efficiency.



SAMAS, Europe’s leading b-to-b office furniture supplier and specialist of space management was looking to develop a new concept office.

Entrusted to MBD Design, the study integrated the new information and communication technologies with the purpose of rethinking the working space. This new concept desk named NEO 1 includes new original functionalities while offering an innovative and sober design.

Neo 1.0 is conceived to meet the new business working methods such as nomadism while guaranteeing a high level of communication, ergonomics, comfort, security and identification of the individual space.

The design is thought to leave the working area cleared: a secured station fits the notebook under the desk. It gets animated with an illuminated bandeau, the Leds lighting is deported to the side, cables have a dedicated path, the keyboard is a laser projection, the mouse navigates and reloads directly on the desk while the screen is mobile on a rail.

A dedicated computerised interface allows the user’s profile memorisation. Recognized with a digital identification module, the user sees the desk adjusting to his profile: height adjustment, lighting environment, luminous intensity, graphic interface.

Neo 1.0 has been unveiled to the public for the first time during the international exhibition Siseg in Paris last June.